Trailer for "musica femina" TV show

Recently I made a voice collage for a new series on Okto . The trailer is already running and the first of 8 episodes, which are planned for this year, will be broadcasted on Sunday March 8th at 7:40 pm (which is also the #InternationalWomensDay btw. :) )

Trailer and episodes produced by Susanne Luschin and Wolfgang Rauscher, produced for MusicaFemina // Irene Suchy. Voice over: Irene Suchy Jingle Concept // Voice collage: Iva Zabkar Voice donation by my wonderful colleagues // great composers // cool producers // talented musicians from Track15 - Female Composers Collective and Beatzarilla and others !! THANK YOU!! (in alphabetical order):

Nazanin Aghakhani, Zazuka, Nina Braith, Paula Duschek, helahoop, Natalie Hausmann, Yuchun Huang, Julia Lacherstorfer, misses U, Franziska Pohlmann, Jasmin Reuter, me and Magdalena Zenz.

Thank you for helping me out with this one!! I'm glad and thankful that you're part of it!

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