...long time no see!

but there are several great projects planned for this year.

let me tell you about some of them:

in january I played already a wonderful concert/performance in viennas MUMOK

with some very talented students from the POPAK vienna and nina braith - nina and I hold several workshops about how to make music and sound for "art". we presented our results on january, 17th. btw andrea lehsiak joined our concert with her visuals. it was just great!

pics and music will follow...

the great murathan muslu won the prize for best male role in a feature film for his acting in cracks in concrete last wednesday at the viennas rathaus. thank you for the right decision, dear austrian academy!

the new dream team is born: kotomaki x iNANA

we're coproducing and remixing iNANAs new ep songs. planning to release hot stuff this spring... be prepared!

there will be also new ads and shorts with michael rittmannsberger and david wagner.

planning a radio feature with/about sound footage.

also planning a first vinyl ep with kotomaki tracks, ...at last.

3th time in row we've got an invitation to the lovely aubagne international film festival in france.

after punched and albatrosse, this time michael rittmannsbergers new short "interference" will be participating in the competition for short feature films. very proud about it!

and rumor says something about composing an orchester piece... ?

so let's do this!


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